Major Achievements

  • Selected as exemplary exporter association in year 2011
  • Evaluation and recognition of qualification of Power Transmission Towers, Wire & Cable and Fitting Manufacturers by authorization from TAVANIR.
  • Finalize the list of The Electrical Industry Unique Prices
  • Facilitate the custom affairs, prevent goods from being accumulated in the custom and negotiate with members of syndicate to finalize the tariffs.
  • Preparation of the main contract formats in Domestic Projects.
  • Announce and perform all the Ministry of Energy's circulars and amendments on tenders.
  • Develop The Electrical Industry markets by approving the Energy Waste Minimization Law, Intelligent Electricity Law and Supply & Demand Control Law in the Iranian parliament and Participate in Energy Waste Minimization in Power Distribution Network Project.
  • Constitution of Electrical Committee in Iranian parliament.
  • Collaborate with the governmental authorities in order to solving The Electrical Industry and members' problems.
  • Efficient collaboration with domestic and foreign organizations.
  • Provide special discounts for member Companies from TPO (Trade Promotion Organization of Iran) to participate in foreign international events.
  • Provide special services for members to increase their business.
  • Manage many meetings between governmental authorities and members of syndicate in order to negotiating on problems and regulations

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