Major Iranian chlorine producer to break output record

Arvand Petrochemical Plant has planned to launch a project that would enhance its chlorine output breaking the country’s production record of the item, the company’s CEO said.
Major Iranian chlorine producer to break output record
Date :2/12/2020
Hassan Neshanzadeh Moghadam said Sunday the project would add 8% to the plant’s chlorine production capacity, which currently stands at 585,000 tons/year.

By the completion of the project, 650,000 tons/year of chlorine will be produced by Arvand Petrochemical Plant, he added.

The company has the capacity to supply 1.8 million tons of such items as caustic, ethylene dichloride (EDC), vinylchloride monomer (VCM) and a variety of PVC grades, he said.

Since the beginning of the current calendar year, which began on March 21, the company has operated at 104% of its nameplate capacity, Moghadam said.

Arvand Petrochemical Plant is the largest producer of chlorine in Iran. It supplies feedstock for several other petrochemical plants including Bandar Emam, Ghadir, Karoon and Khuzestan.

He further said more chlorine output at the company means more petrochemicals production by other companies in the country.

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